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NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, Wis. - (July 13, 2009) - The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), the longest-established and most highly recognized flight instructor organization in the nation, is unveiling the new NAFI Group Membership, aimed at providing benefits to flight training providers. NAFI developed this program to meet the needs of businesses and academic institutions that provide flight training to help their flight instructors stay in contact with current trends in the flight instruction industry.

"NAFI is dedicated to supporting those who provide flight instruction - not just from instructors themselves, but the businesses and academic institutions that provide the infrastructure that makes flight training possible," said Jason Blair, NAFI executive director.

NAFI Group Members will receive memberships for their flight instructors; NAFI's specialized publications; special invitations to NAFI events; NAFI webpage listings as a NAFI Member flight training provider; marketing packages and support from NAFI's partner in this program, PilotJourney.com; and discounted supply prices for their flight school through McConnell Aviation, a national aviation training materials provider.

Along with these highly tangible benefits, NAFI Group Members will have access to the services that NAFI has long provided to its individual members, including advocacy for flight instruction efforts, representation with the FAA, and direct input into discussion at the national level regarding the current and future status of flight training in the United States. As a group, the members of NAFI have a much larger voice within the industry than any one member could have individually.

NAFI member instructors are also eligible for certification as NAFI Associate and NAFI Master Flight Instructors. NAFI members and NAFI Master Instructors have been and continue to be the most active instructors and leaders within the flight instruction community on a national level. NAFI members on a flight training provider's staff show customers the ongoing commitment that the school and its instructors have to providing professional and competent instruction - a superb marketing tool!

For more information on the new NAFI Group Membership or to become a NAFI Group Member, visit the NAFI website at www.nafinet.org and click on "NAFI Group Membership" under the "Become a Member" section or contact the NAFI office at [email protected] or by calling 920-426-6801.

NAFI was founded in 1967 and is dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standing of flight instructors throughout the nation, as well as providing a safe and effective learning situation for students. In addition, NAFI initiates education and support programs throughout the aviation industry. The organization affiliated with EAA in 1995.