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NAFI Concerned About Arizona Board Discussions on Flight-training

NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, WIS.  (August 23, 2010) - The National Association of Flight Instructors recently became aware that the the Arizona State Board for Private and Postsecondary Education will have a meeting this week during which it will discuss the "Question of Regulation of Certain Classifications of Airplane Pilot and Instructors under Part 61 of the CFR."

The meeting will be held at on Thursday, August 26, in Conference Room B-1, 1400 West Washington St., in Phoenix. NAFI will monitor what happens in this meeting this week and provide information to the flight training community upon its completion.

Recently, California held similar discussions, which could result in potentially significant fees for flight-training providers in that state. While the California law may still be amended, that effort is under review by the state legislature.

“We are concerned that Arizona may be considering similar fees,” says NAFI Executive Director Jason Blair. “As a state that has a significant number of flight-training providers, we’re concerned about the chilling effect those fees may have on those businesses. We’re encouraging our members in that state to get involved in this issue, so we don’t have a repeat of the California situation.”

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