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NAFI Fully Supports Master Instructor Accreditation Program

Despite claims of copyright violations against our NAFI Master Instructor accreditation program, NAFI continues to fully support its program. Only the NAFI Master Instructor-Aerobatic accreditation is not currently being offered due to the program being suspended pending a program review for interest and structure.

Although we are currently unable to discuss details of pending litigation, we will provide information to you as we obtain approval to do so from our legal counsel. We can say, however, that we fully support the NAFI Master Instructor accreditation program and those of our members who have worked diligently to earn the accreditation.

The NAFI Master Instructor accreditation program is the 12-year-old flagship professional development program that was developed by NAFI staff and the Professional Standards Committee of NAFI, along with input from other volunteer NAFI members, as a means to promote and recognize professionalism among flight instructors. Members earn continuing-education credits in instructor, educator, professional development, and service categories to receive the award.

NAFI updated the requirements for the program earlier this year in response to input from its members, the FAA, and the training industry. Flight instructors who obtain NAFI Master Flight Instructor accreditation or renew their NAFI Master Flight Instructor accreditation may renew their flight instructor certificates at that time without attending a flight instructor refresher clinic. For full details on the NAFI Master Instructor program, see http://www.NafiNet.org/mastercfi/index.html.