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NAFI, AOPA Team Up for Instructors

NAFI and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) have teamed up to demonstrate to flight instructors the value in and importance of belonging to both organizations.

AOPA President Craig Fuller and NAFI Executive Director Jason Blair signed an agreement on November 7, 2009, to provide AOPA memberships to many NAFI members who are not yet part of AOPA, and NAFI memberships to many of the active flight instructors who are AOPA members but do not yet belong to our organization.

“NAFI really focuses on the particular needs of the flight instructor,” said Fuller, “while AOPA can offer a wide range of services and aid to flight instructors, from our legal service plan to our fantastic aviation technical specialists who can help instructors find answers to those vexing questions students are prone to ask.”

“AOPA offers tremendous benefits to its members, many of them directly related to a flight instructor’s needs—from Air Safety Foundation resources to the AOPA legal services program to materials for personal improvement,” said Blair. “I can’t imagine being a flight instructor and not being an AOPA member.”

Benefits of AOPA membership include AOPA Pilot magazine, AOPA’s weekly ePilot electronic newsletter, full access to the more than 50,000 pages that make up AOPA Online, AOPA’s online flight planning software, access to AOPA’s toll-free Pilot Information Center, and other products and services offered to AOPA members.

Benefits of NAFI membership include monthly issues of NAFI Mentor magazine, the biweekly eMentor electronic newsletter, full access to the NAFI Web site, access to the Flight Instructor Homepage, and product offers made to NAFI members.