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NAFI Announces Membership Election Process for
Open NAFI Board of Directors Positions
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NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, Wis. — (December 9th, 2009) — The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) announced a call for nominations to fill three open positions on the NAFI Board of Directors. This is the initial step in to the process of member election of directors.

“NAFI looks forward our members’ participation with respect to the election of NAFI Directors,” said Jason Blair, NAFI’s executive director. “The process begins with nominations from our members., That will be followed by voting on qualified nominees by the NAFI membership on a ballot to be inserted into an upcoming NAFI Mentor magazine.”

NAFI is seeking individuals who can dedicate their time and expertise to serve in industry-leadership roles on the Board. Board members are responsible for providing governance input, helping to direct member committees, working with organization-development goals, and providing support to the overall NAFI organization and its staff.

Nominees must be current members of NAFI and held membership for three continuous years. Ideal candidates will have broad experience in the flight-training industry, will bring with them contacts and resources that will help promote and improve NAFI, and will be dedicated to our organizational goals. Membership on the NAFI board allows individuals to give back to the flight-training community by promoting professional flight instruction, and members have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of areas of the aviation community.

For full details on the process, including how individuals can be nominated, qualifications requirements, and the election process that will be used to fill the director positions, visit the NAFI webpage at www.nafinet.org and click on the link to NAFI Elections or call 920-426-6801.

For more information contact:
Jason Blair, Executive Director NAFI
(920) 426-6801
[email protected]