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NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation Eligible for FAA Wings Credit

NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, WIS.  (APRIL 13, 2010) – Instructors who earn NAFI Master Flight Instructor accreditation can now receive FAA Wings Credit for their hard work.

Instructors accredited as NAFI Master Instructors can search on the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) webpage at www.FAASafety.gov for the activity “NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation” and request credit verification from NAFI for their activity.

“NAFI feels it is important to continue to promote the FAA Safety Team webpage and activities to instructors and their students,” said Jason Blair, NAFI’s executive director. “NAFI Master Instructors are some of the most outstanding leaders in the flight-training industry, and we felt it important to help them stay active in the program themselves, just as they encourage the pilots they train to do.”

The long-standing NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation confers a national accreditation to aviation educators based on a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. It identifies the practitioners of aviation education who have reached the highest level of instructional activity, educational experience, and professional service to the flight-training community—the true masters of aviation instruction—and it publicly recognize these “teachers of flight” to provide a professional standard to which all aviation educators can aspire.

NAFI’s Master Instructor Accreditation program emphasizes active instruction and pilot evaluation, not simply taking courses or the tenure of an individual’s instructor certificate. It is not an honorary award that recognizes long-time service; rather, it recognizes individual instructors who continue to practice aviation education at the highest level. Like a flight instructor certificate, NAFI Master Instructor accreditations must be renewed every 24 months to assure a dedication to continual professional development.

Founded in 1967, NAFI is dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standing of flight instructors throughout the nation, as well as providing safe and effective aviation training for students. For more information, visit www.NAFINet.org or call 920-426-6801.

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