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NAFI Submits Stakeholder Feedback Comments to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure’s Aviation Subcommittee regarding the FAA’s Reauthorization Funding Bill

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- National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) staff last week provided stakeholder feedback to the Aviation Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure on recent FAA re-authorization efforts on behalf of NAFI members and the flight-training community.

While most regulation for aviation interests is completed in the FAA regulatory system, the Congressional oversight and budget-authorization process has a significant effect on policy direction and the ability of the FAA to operate many of its programs and initiatives. In some cases, the funding authorization bills address specific concerns and provide detailed instruction to the agency.

In this re-authorization, one item that NAFI noted was a provision by Congress that the FAA implement “improved pilot certificates” within nine months of the passage of the bill. The implementation of an improved pilot certificate, specifically with a photograph, has been the subject of a recent NPRM that caused concerns among many organizations, including NAFI.

In its feedback to the bill, NAFI urged the committee to consider amending the authorization to change the requirement from a nine-month implementation plan to one that would be based on the completion of this NPRM process, so the FAA may take into consideration industry concerns and effectively implement such an initiative.

NAFI expressed support for the efforts of Congress and applauded the swift action of the 112th Congress to pass the re-authorization, and the association considers the longer-term authorization in this bill to be equally positive for the nation’s aviation stability.

Flight-training operations throughout the United States are dependent on the infrastructure and regulatory support provided by the budgets that Congress approves. Without these authorizations, airport infrastructure could not be maintained at a level that keeps U.S. flight training competitive and effective.

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