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Volunteers Needed for KidVenture

NAFI Members,
AirVenture is just about to begin for another year, and with a great number of things going on in the Washington DC, the budget discussions have affected the ability of FAA personal to attend and help at AirVenture.
Below you will find a memo from Bob Meder to KidVenture volunteers. KidVenture needs help with additional bodies. If any NAFI members are going to be at AirVenture and might be able to offer even a couple hours of help, we certainly know that it would be greatly appreciated.
If you are going to be there and would be willing to help, please contact John Ladley at 314-422-9076 or Bob Meder at 314-607-8645 if you or someone you know might be able to help at all this week.
Thanks much and have a great AirVenture if you get to attend this year,

Jason Blair
July 24, 2011
To: KidVenture volunteers
From: Bob Meder, Supervisor Young Eagles Flight Education
Subject: A Special Request for Assistance
As I'm sure you're aware, in consideration of the effects of the budget discussions and FAA funding levels, many of the FAA participants we had expected to be able to help will not be able to attend KidVenture this year. This came about suddenly; we were informed that they would not be able to attend late Friday afternoon. At a personal level, because I have worked with many of these individuals for several years and have become friends with them, this saddens me. As a flight educator and someone that is committed to the best program for the children that participate, I realize this leaves a huge gap in our program.
With that, I am making a special request for some assistance, particularly from those that indicated "as needed" as one of their preferences. We are asking that you help in the booths where the FAA has traditionally been a presence, along with any other gaps that we have in our staffing. Due to the nature of the audience, a good knowledge of aviation, as any pilot would have, is all that is really necessary. The syllabuses for the lessons are at each booth, and John Ladly and I will be more than happy to match you to an area in which you are most comfortable and assist in getting you up to speed.
I can't overstate how important your help will be. Thanks in advance for helping make this event a success.