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Flight Training Capacity in the Context of Recent Legislation Whitepaper

NAFI HEADQUARTERS, ALLEGAN, MICH.  (March 1, 2012) – The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) today published on its website a white paper written by Executive Director, Jason Blair, and Jonathon Freye, a member who regularly assists in NAFI regulatory affairs research and writing.  This paper focuses on Flight Training Capacity in the Context of Recent Legislation and is an examination of the impacts of reduced training capacity,  and the declining rates of airmen certification.  The entire text of this whitepaper can be found by clicking here.

This paper raises concern about the capacity of the flight training community to adequately provide pilot training to meet the demand or the airline environment.  Potential impacts of the decline in pilot candidates and the effects on aviation are discussed.
While this paper is not an official position of NAFI or all of the membership, it is a paper written by authors who work with NAFI concerns regularly and are in a position to work with regulatory considerations affecting the flight training community on a daily basis. NAFI recognizes the discussion that is raised by the public offering of this paper and hopes that members and the flight training community will review this whitepaper and consider it a point from which discussion may begin.

In consideration of recently proposed regulatory changes, NAFI hopes that the community will continue to engage with discussion such as those introduced in this whitepaper.

The National Association of Flight Instructors’ members work at flight schools, universities, FBO’s, corporate flight departments, in the military, and as independent instructors. NAFI was founded in 1967 and its members, who now teach in 17 countries, are dedicated to raising and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily; pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and students working to become pilots. NAFI staff also works with industry and government and serves as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI shapes the direction of flight training.

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