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NAFI Announces Member Giveaway Winners for July 2012


NAFI HEADQUARTERS, ALLEGAN, MICH.  (August 8, 2012) – The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) is pleased to announce that members Thomas Wikle, Anthony Speranza, Jacquelin Zimmerman, and Pia Bergqvist have won the monthly NAFI Members Giveaway drawing.  Thomas Wikle from Stillwater, OK will receive a new Pilot Communications PA-1779 Headset, Anthony Speranza from Alburg, VT receive a free NAFI Membership, Jacqueline Zimmerman from West Palm Beach, FL will receive an Icom A14 handeld radio and Pia Bergqvist from Los Angeles, CA will receive ASA's "Lesson Plan: Train Like You Fly" book.

This month, aided by supporters Pilot Communications, Icom America and Aviation Supplies and Academies (ASA), NAFI drew winners from those members who have joined or renewed their membership over the preceding month.
The National Association of Flight Instructors is an association of flight instructors. Its members work at flight schools, universities, FBO’s, corporate flight departments, in the military, and as independent instructors. NAFI was founded in 1967 and its members, who now teach in 17 countries, are dedicated to raising and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.
NAFI members influence active pilots daily; pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and students working to become pilots. NAFI staff also works with industry and government and serves as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI shapes the direction of flight training.
For more information, visit www.NAFINet.org or call 866-806-6156.