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NAFI Moves Headquarters Office to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, MI.  (September 12, 2012) The National Association of Flight Instructors moved into office space in the Air Zoo, an aviation and space museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this week.  This move allows NAFI to expand the types of events and services it can provide the aviation community through a partnership with the Air Zoo.

"The office space we are renting from the Air Zoo places NAFI in a world-class aviation facility, allowing us to host events, seminars, and provide better access to visitors," said NAFI Executive Director Jason Blair.  "This move is a marked improvement over the space we rented for the past two years since NAFI moved from EAA headquarters to independent facilities.  Direct ramp access for visitors, quality FBO services on the field, and large spaces in the facility that can be used for seminars, events, and more offers NAFI the ability to expand the types of events it hosts.  We plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity, with new events to be announced soon."

"Over the past few years, the Air Zoo has undergone significant expansion, growth, and revitalization,” said Air Zoo President and CEO Bob Ellis.  “We see partnerships with aviation organizations such as NAFI as ways our organization can promote aviation to visitors from around the country and continue our growth of participation in the overall aviation community."

NAFI has continued to improve its services to members over the past three years, moving to independent facilities, increasing the frequency of its eMentor digital publication to members to weekly, and representing the flight instruction community on a variety of industry and governmental panels, rulemaking committees and working groups.

The Air Zoo is a highly charged, multi-sensory atmosphere featuring more than 50 rare and historic aircraft, including the world’s only remaining SR-71B Blackbird and XP-55 Ascender.  The Air Zoo also features a 4D theater, 360° full-motion flight simulators, indoor amusement park-style rides, historical exhibits and educational activities.

The National Association of Flight Instructors’ members work at flight schools, universities, FBO’s, corporate flight departments, in the military, and as independent instructors. NAFI was founded in 1967 and its members, who now teach in 17 countries, are dedicated to raising and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily; pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and students working to become pilots. NAFI staff also works with industry and government and serves as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI shapes the direction of flight training.

For more information, visit www.NAFINet.org or call 866-806-6156.