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New CFI PTS Effective December 1, 2012 Now Available on FAA Website

On December 1, a new CFI Practical Test Standards (PTS) becomes effective.  The standards are available on the FAA website (http://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/airmen/test_standards/), or by clicking here.

The changes in this PTS largely reflect the same changes that were recently made in the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot PTS.  The changes listed in the "Change Note" at the beginning of the document do not reflect the changes made from the currently effective CFI PTS to this edition, they only represent the changes that the FAA made from the new CFI PTS to the "Change 1" edition.  To determine all of the changes, it is important to read the entire document and to compare it, if necessary, with the previous version. The bulk of the changes in this PTS are related to inclusion of Runway Safety testing requirements, changes in the special emphasis items, and changes in the introduction sections.

NAFI notes that the current CFI PTS remains in effect until December 1, 2012, when the new PTS becomes effective.  In the interim, NAFI will continue to monitor the PTS for any changes.  Recent PTS that were released saw numerous changes (this CFI PTS has already been updated to Change 1 since its pre-release) between their initial release and the effective date.  The only place that this is noted is on the FAA website, so we recommend checking back regularly, and we will do the same to let you know of additional changes.