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FAA Responds Quickly to Pilots Bill of Rights Requirement, IACRA Now Allows Digital Signing During Practical Tests

Not long ago, Congress passed the Pilot's Bill of Rights, which made it necessary for any examiner conducting a practical test to obtain signature from the applicant that they have been apprised of their rights per the Pilot's Bill of Rights.  This requirement could not initially be met using the IACRA processing system that most examiners use conducting of tests.  The FAA has worked quickly in consideration of the new requirement and IACRA now allows examiners and applicants to meet this requirement while processing applications.

NAFI commends the FAA on its quick work to remedy this unintended consequence of the bill's passage..

Applicants and examiners who are unable to complete an application using IACRA during a practical test will still need to use a paper form, which can still be found by clicking here.  NAFI encourages all examiners and applicants to use digital IACRA processing when able to expedite the processing of applications.

The pictures below show how this will look on the IACRA page or you can use the IACRA Training Site to get used to how it works.