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NAFI Chairman's First Member Webinar A Success!
KALAMAZOO, MI  (January 23, 2012) - Bob Meder reported, "I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the first Meet the NAFI Chairman Webinar on January 16. I believe that a lot of great ideas were discussed."

Listed below are many of the suggestions and thoughts that were brought up in the discussion. One that really seemed to resonate with everyone on the call is professional development, particularly in mentoring new instructors. Future webinars will feature guest speakers. Members are encouraged to submit articles regarding the business side of flight instruction that you can develop into a short article for eMentor or a longer one for Mentor magazine, your help would be appreciated.  

As for some of the other thoughts and suggestions:
  • Bob reported that NAFI will continue to focus on advocacy on behalf of flight instructors and the flying community. "Our work with the various agencies and on the various committees is important." indicated Meder;
  • Forming chapters as an extension of mentoring. Bob indicated that the NAFI board is looking to see if this is something that can be put into practice;
Here is a list of some of the ideas that surfaced in last week's Webinar:
  • NAFI Radio, similar to IMC Clubs;
  • NAFI Chapters;
  • CFI issues with responsibility vs. just building hours;
  • Should NAFI recommend a best practices or guidelines for new instructors?
  • Many CFIs don't know how to start teaching;
  • A "New CFI Guide" would be helpful;
  • CFI/FTO Marketing and Customer Service;
  • Increasing CFI diversity;
  • NAFI needs to advertise its existence;
  • High school programs and matching fund scholarships;
  • Is it unreasonable to ask members for donations?
  • Advocacy is still key to the membership;
  • Advocacy by NAFI is greatly appreciated;
NAFI plans to conduct one Meet the NAFI Chairman Webinar each month. Members are encouraged to send ideas for future sessions to [email protected] or to [email protected].