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NAFI to Support the 2014 "You Can Do It" Tour
NAFI to Support the 2014 “You Can Do It” Tour (www.youcandoittour.com)

KALAMAZOO, MI  (August 14, 2013) The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) announces support of the “You Can Do It” Tour planned for 2014 to help address the current and growing pilot shortage. “You Can Do It” is a program about bringing aviation to people. To prepare for the 2014 national tour a three-city beta test will be conducted later this year. The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation and Sporty’s Pilot Shop are current sponsors of the beta test. Additional sponsors are being sought.

The national “You Can Do It” Tour will be conducted by Ravi The Raviator in 2014 to help address the growing pilot shortage. On the tour, Ravi has planned three stages for each location. First, he will visit a middle and/or high school to give a presentation designed to inspire and capture a new generation of flight students. After speaking to students, Ravi will visit a local airport, FBO, and/or flight school to talk about ways to grow aviation and make it more accessible. The last stop in each two-day event will be a presentation at each city’s event center directly targeting the public to encourage them to pursue aviation. All events will be free of charge, although Ravi will encourage bringing canned goods to be donated to local food banks.

Before each tour date, Ravi will promote the scheduled activities via newspapers, community boards, college campuses, local television and radio, etc. Local aviation organization chapters and flight schools will be contacted and asked to assist in promoting and staffing events and tour destinations will ultimately be chosen based on the quality of support available.

The “You Can Do It”  Tour:
  • Day 1 Morning: Ravi will promote the main event and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through aviation, on radio and television;

  • Day 1 Afternoon: Ravi will present “You Can Do It” to a middle school or high school, empowering students to pursue dreams and live lives with integrity while also being socially responsible;

  • Day 1 Evening: Ravi will present “Making Aviation Sexy” to a local flight school and aviation organization chapters This presentation demonstrates to flight schools how to bring back the appeal that aviation once had and inspire a new generation to participate in one of humanity’s greatest achievements—the magic of flight.  Focusing on establishing an emotional connection with prospective pilots and creating a high quality training experience, “Making Aviation Sexy” improves student conversion and retention;

  • Day 2 Main Presentation: The “You Can Do It,” main presentation will target potential aviation industry candidates age 15-25. Specific objectives will include showcasing the life skills associated with learning to fly, career and humanitarian opportunities (studies indicate that the younger generation seeks purpose), and encouraging young women and minorities to pursue aviation. It will be held in a centrally located facility such as a hotel ballroom, banquet hall, library, museum, club, etc. (not at an intimidating, fenced in airport).
NAFI’s role in the “You Can Do It” Tour will be to select NAFI member flight schools to support the tour. These flight schools will work with students and their parents to provide flight training for those that are inspired by Ravi’s message. Flight school selection will help determine the locations of the events.

Industry Crisis - Pilot Shortage: 
Boeing projects a global need for 460,000 new pilots by 2031. An estimated 69,000 will be needed in North America alone. Over 100,000 pilots are projected to retire in this time frame, with another 100,000+ leaving the industry for other reasons (based on historical attrition rate of 2.94%). The FAA reports that annual PPL (Private Pilot License, the basic requirement for all professional pilots) issuance has declined 41% over the past decade. Moreover, AOPA research shows 80% of flight students dropout before their PPL checkride. Combined with the projected addition of new routes and equipment, there will be a shortage of approximately 130,000 pilots, or 28% by 2031 (based on University of North Dakota report)—the equivalent of losing more than 6000 pilots every year (the number created minus the number needed).

About The Raviator -
The coming generation identifies with Ravi's youthful appeal and style, and is captivated by his stories of living his dreams in pop music and now also in aviation. Moreover, piloting more than a dozen different aircraft including floatplanes and helicopters during his first 100 hours (the equivalent of only four days!) demonstrates how accessible and instantly gratifying aviation can be. Along with significant experience as an aviation motivational speaker, Ravi has strong credibility on stage and screen as a former member of the pop band phenomenon Hanson. He has performed at prestigious venues including the White House and Madison Square Garden; and on numerous TV shows Letterman and Leno, and the Today Show and Good Morning America. Moreover, he has mastered the art of connecting career opportunities with local hometown ambitions. Ravi has independently booked and executed multiple tours throughout the U.S. giving clinics in local music stores and motivational presentations at schools and universities, and visits NBC, CBS, and FOX morning TV shows as well as radio programs to promote his "cause-driven" events. This PR "know-how" brings unparalleled value and opportunity to serve a cause of this nature and maximize the results.

About NAFI -
Founded in 1967 the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) is an association of nearly 4,000 active flight instructors and is committed to developing excellence in member instructors and member flight training organizations (FTOs). NAFI serves as a voice for flight instruction within the flight training industry and with federal agencies. NAFI members influence active pilots daily; pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and students working to become pilots. NAFI members work at FBOs, flight schools, universities, in corporate flight departments, in the military and as independent instructors. NAFI staff works with industry and government on a daily basis and NAFI staff and members help shape direction of flight instruction. For more information visit NAFINet.org or call 866-806-6156.