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NAFI's Increases Mentor Magazine Publication Schedule
KALAMAZOO, MI  (November 13, 2013) NAFI's Board of Directors has approved increasing Mentor magazine's publication to bi-monthly starting next year.

NAFI Board Chairman Bob Meder said the increase in publication frequency is the result of "really, really hard work on the part of NAFI's board of directors and staff ... we've had this goal for some time and have finally reached it."

"And we could not have done it at all if it wasn't for the wonderful support of NAFI's advertisers and sponsors."

The increased frequency, from quarterly to every-other-month, will begin with Mentor's January/February 2014 issue, according to NAFI Editor David Hipschman.

"It's great news and gives me great pleasure as NAFI's Mentor is a significant part of the organization's benefit to members, along with its weekly electronic newsletter, eMentor," Hipschman said.

The final quarterly edition of Mentor, the fall issue, has been mailed to members and contains articles on instructing in seaplanes, an examination of the 1,500-hour rule and Larry Bothe's popular "What the Examiner Sees" feature.

Hipschman said the fall issue also introduced a new columnist, Natalie Bingham Hoover, with her advice on how instructors might think about learning from mistakes.

"Almost all of the editorial content, more than 95 percent of it, in each 40-page issue of Mentor is written by NAFI members as a way of mentoring each other. Mentor is a unique resource because of that ongoing conversation between NAFI members via the magazine." Hipschman said.

"I'd like to remind NAFI members of that, and point out that now that Mentor will be published every-other-month, it is even more important that members consider submitting articles for publication," Hipschman added.

"I'm very interested in hearing from members who are teaching light-sport and sport pilot, as well as in helicopters. Those are areas of growth in the industry and I encourage NAFI members with those sorts of backgrounds to write about their experiences," he said.

"Specialties need to be written about regularly ... I'd even love to devote an entire issue of Mentor to those sorts of specialties beyond basic flight instruction to LSA, SP, aerobatic instruction, gliders, helicopters, warbirds, sims, jets, teaching for the airlines," Hipschman added.

Hipschman may be contacted via [email protected] and asks that article submissions be sent as Word attachments.

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