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Natalie Bingham Hoover Wins NAFI's Laslo Writing Award

KALAMAZOO, MI  (July 31, 2014) The National Association of Flight Instructors is pleased to announce that Natalie Bingham Hoover has won its 2014 Laslo Writing Award. NAFI Editor David Hipschman presented her with the award at the annual NAFI Member Breakfast last week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Bingham-Hoover is the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at Air Venture Flight Center at KOLV in Olive Branch, Mississippi. She has more than 5,500 hours total flight time and has given more than 4,000 hours of flight instruction. She hold ATP, MEI, and CFII ratings and is a Gold Seal CFI. She is type-rated in the CRJ-200 and Beechcraft 400A. She is the lead FAA Safety Representative for Tennessee, and was the 2012 FAA Safety Representative of the Year for Mississippi.

Of Bingham-Hoover's regular columns in NAFI Mentor Magazine, Hipschman said: "She takes her readers past the world of teaching flying into the sometimes difficult but always critical areas of human relations upon which real teaching, and learning depend."

Hipschman noted that the writing award is named in honor of Greg Laslo, who was NAFI's editor until 2011. It is presented yearly to an individual or organization making a significant contribution to NAFI publications through content in NAFI Mentor Magazine, the eMentor Digital Newsletter and through contributions in other industry outlets.

Hipschman encouraged NAFI members at the breakfast to contribute essays to NAFI's print and electronic publications. "In aggregate NAFI members know more about flight instruction and flying safely than anyone. Members sharing their expertise with other members as well with as the rest of the aviation community is at the core of NAFI's educational mission," he said.

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Natalie Bingham Hoover receiving the Laslo Writing Award from NAFI Editor David Hipschman
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