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Urgent-NAFI Seeks Research Project Participants

KALAMAZOO, MI  (December 19, 2014)

NAFI Seeks Volunteers for Research Project

NAFI has been asked to help in completing the first phase of a Professional Pilot Workforce Development research project being conducted by the Center for Aviation Safety Research at St. Louis University. The purpose of this research is:
  • To develop a functional and scalable prototype system demonstrating the use of a competency-based knowledge exam for airline pilots entering initial new hire training at an airline against the performance standards identified by the global aviation industry.

The research team is composed of members of the Center for Aviation Safety Research (CASR), Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC), and Professional Testing Inc. The CASR team is responsible for the overall design of the research project as well as final reporting to the FAA.

How will the survey be conducted?

Since the validity and usefulness of the survey results depend upon a sample of pilots with defined background and experience, the first sections will ask demographic questions related to the experience, training and background that you have as a pilot. The survey will then ask technical/operational related questions about the Descent and Approach phases of flight (normal and generic operations from the top of descent through the decision height or missed approach point) seeking your individual expert opinion of statements based on your current or previous experience as a professional pilot.

Participants must have prior experience in turbojet airline operations or medium or large business turbojets. Flight instruction experience is desired, but not mandatory.

The survey design requires a minimum number of participants so, to encourage participation, the researchers are offering a $50 gift card at a major store to the first 400 qualified participants who submit a completed survey. Once your competed survey is submitted you will be directed to another website to provide your mailing information. Gift cards will be mailed 4-6 weeks later. Your survey responses are completely anonymous and cannot be correlated with your mailing information.

NAFI strongly encourages its members with the requisite experience to volunteer to participate. Please also share this information with pilot acquaintances and friends with the required experience. We think you will enjoy the survey itself, and it will definitely provide a significant contribution to the way new airline and jet pilots are trained.
To Participate: In order to participate in the survey, which will be conducted online, contact Dr. Manoj Patankarat at [email protected] or by calling 314-977-8527. Time is of the essence as the survey will must be completed by Jan. 5 2015.

See the one-minute YouTube invitation to your right for an explanation from Patankarat.
Information on the survey results will be published in future issues of eMentor or Mentor and on the NAFI website.
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