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Help NAFI Design Second Challenge Coin!



Help NAFI Design Second Challenge Coin

Kalamazoo, MI. February 26, 2015 -Have an artistic side? Interested in things numismatic? Want to help the NAFI Master Instructor Program create its next Challenge Coin? Read on.

Last year at EAA Airventure Oshkosh the NAFI Master Instructor Program announced a Challenge Coin recognition campaign. The campaign was created for many reasons. The first being that presenting an individual with a coin as a mark of service and respect is one of the oldest traditions in aviation. Another reason NAFI began the coin campaign is to create a culture of fun around the program. While the NAFI Master program is first and foremost a professional accreditation and recognition program, creating a community atmosphere in which NAFI Masters may identify each other, communicate, and enjoy camaraderie is another goal. It is also a fun way to decide who buys lunch (the Master Instructor at the table without a coin pays the tab). More information about the program is available here.

The original idea was to create a set of four coins, to be distributed to NAFI Masters each time they renew their accreditations, effectively earning the whole set over an 8-year period. The first design was minted to portray an instructor cutting the T-Shirt at a student's first solo - now the time has come to design and create the second coin.

Although only Master Instructors can obtain these coins the program is underpinned by the NAFI membership, so I believe that since NAFI members run the Master program, all should have a say in what the next challenge coin design should be.

Therefore, we are asking all of you as NAFI members to think about events in a flight instructor's career, like the first solo, that are defining enough to be minted into the next coin.

Submit your design idea before Friday, June 19 via any form of communication (email your ideas to [email protected], or send them via Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin). All that is needed is a description of your idea, and a rough design, picture, or drawing showing how you envision the coin.

The top five ideas will be voted on by the membership via eMentor and social media. The winning design will be elected by June 30, and will be officially unveiled at the NAFI members' breakfast Thursday, July 23 at Airventure. NAFI will also recognize the creator of the winning design at the breakfast. Watch NAFI media for future updates.

This is your association, this is your Master program, we hope to see you all involved and having some fun.

- John Niehaus, NAFI Director of Program Development

The NAFI Master Flight Instructor program is the longest running and most prestigious FAA accredited master flight instructor program in the industry. The NAFI Master Instructor accreditation is earned by aviation educators based upon a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. The accreditation identifies and publicly recognizes those teachers of flight who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community. The NAFI Master Instructor accreditation is for two years and may be used to renew an FAA flight instructor certificate. Applicants must have been a CFI for two years and have given 1,000 hours of flight instruction. In addition candidates must meet and document activity in four NAFI Master Instructor categories (Instructor, Educator, Service to the Aviation Community, and Professional Activity).

About NAFI
Founded in 1967 the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) is an association of nearly 4,000 active flight instructors and is committed to developing excellence in member instructors and member flight training organizations (FTOs). NAFI serves as a voice for flight instruction within the flight training industry and with federal agencies. NAFI members influence active pilots daily; pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and students working to become pilots. NAFI members work at FBOs, flight schools, universities, in corporate flight departments, in the military and as independent instructors. NAFI staff works with industry and government on a daily basis and NAFI staff and members help shape direction of flight instruction. For more information visit NAFINet.org or call 866-806-6156.