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NAFI Hires Student Intern



NAFI Hires Student Intern

Kalamazoo, MI. April 1, 2015 -
It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new intern, Cody Brower, to the NAFI family. Cody will be working with John Niehaus, NAFI's Director of Program Development, assisting him with membership outreach and office duties while learning about the aviation industry.  

Having Cody on the staff will enable us to concentrate more fully on NAFI's goals and better serve you. If you call the office, or if Cody should call you, please be sure to say hello and welcome him to the team.

About Cody Brower: He is 19 years old and a student at Western Michigan University in the Aviation Flight Science program. He has his private certificate, is working on his instrument and will be graduating in the fall semester of 2016. He hails from South Haven, Michigan, where his parents as well as his two younger siblings still live. He is a member of the First Baptist Church in South Haven.  He says his hobbies, besides flying, include golfing, baseball, basketball and soccer games.

Niehaus explained that Cody's main duties will be to help NAFI communicate with and serve members via phone, email, and social media, while helping with membership fulfillment and product development. He will also shadow all processes NAFI can offer, such as government relations, marketing, legal, event planning and association management.

His most important role, Niehaus said, will be to act as a collegiate representative for NAFI; he will help the association and its members better understand the current needs and desires of the flight student and to help NAFI recruit and serve the next generation of flight instructors. 

About NAFI
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