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Eggspuehler Honored With NAFI's Lifetime Achievement Award


Jack Eggspuehler and NAFI Board Members
 (counterclockwise) Ken Hoffman, Rick Todd and Ted Sanders.

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Flight Instructors has honored NAFI founder Jack Eggspuehler with its newly created Lifetime Achievement Award.

"I am very pleased that NAFI has presented this award to Jack. By helping create the association, he has helped raise the professional standards for the flight instructor. Perhaps more important, he has provided a venue that, for nearly 50 years, encourages instructors to educate each other, helping make aviation better for all. This award is merely a small token for the true appreciation we have for Jack's efforts," NAFI Board Chair Bob Meder said.

In 1967, Eggspuehler led a small group of aviation professionals to create an organization dedicated to providing support and recognition to aviation educators, and pursuing safety through education. That's how NAFI was born.

As NAFI's president for 30 years, Eggspuehler led the association to become one of the preeminent aviation organizations in the world.

An Ohio native, he began his flying career in the U.S. Air Force, and served a long tenure as a flight instructor and professor of aviation at Ohio State University before retiring there in 1980.  He also founded several iconic restaurants in Ohio and had a long career in banking.

In 2000, the National Aeronautic Association, which is the nation's oldest aviation organization, selected Eggspuehler to receive its prestigious "Elder Statesman of Aviation Award." In announcing that award, NAA said "Mr. Eggspuehler's name is synonymous with a lifelong pursuit of commercial and general aviation safety through education."

He is also the recipient of the Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award, for "distinguished service in achieving safer utilization of aircraft," and is a recipient of  EAA's Chairman's Award.

In addition to his long association with NAFI, Eggspuehler has served as president of Aerosafe Incorporated, a consulting firm working with defense attorneys in aviation lawsuits.  Aerosafe also provided worldwide aviation correspondence courses primarily to help military personnel pass their FAA written examinations.
He was one of the first FAA Designated Pilot Examiners to be granted authority to conduct initial flight instructor practical tests. He was also among the first to be appointed as an FAA Designated Written Test Examiner.

In addition, Eggspuehler served as chairman of the national panel to review pilot training and certification on the FAA Designated Pilot Examiner's Committee.

He is a member of the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, is a professor emeritus of aviation at Ohio State University, and is a director emeritus of the Heartland Bank in Ohio.

Eggspuehler has co-authored two books "Studies of Pilot Performance in the Flight Environment," published by Ohio State University, and "Study to Determine the Flight Profile and Mission of the Certificated Private Pilot," published by the FAA.

NAFI's Lifetime Achievement Award, given at the discretion of the Board of Directors,  honors current or former members of NAFI who have exhibited a lifetime of achievement in aviation education at the national level.

Nominees for the NAFI Lifetime Achievement Award must have more than 25 years of distinguished service to aviation education. The award is presented for achievement in leadership, teaching, and service.

For more information about the award, or to nominate a candidate, contact a NAFI board member.

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