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NAFI Announces ATP Flight School as New Corporate Supporter

NAFI Announces ATP Flight School as New Corporate Supporter
January 19, 2016, Kalamazoo, MI -NAFI today announced ATP Flight School as a new Advocate-Level Corporate Supporter, NAFI's highest-level sponsorship.
"In discussions with ATP Vice President Justin Dennis and NAFI President Rick Todd, it became clear that NAFI and ATP have many shared missions to support and develop flight instructors," said Bob Meder, NAFI Board Chair. "Among them is ensuring flight instructors have all the resources needed to become successful, professional teachers of flight. Also, on behalf of NAFI I want to thank Rick Todd for his efforts working on this partnership that is of such great benefit to NAFI and to ATP."

ATP was founded in 1984, and is now the largest flight training company in the United States and one of the country's largest employers of flight instructors, with more than 250. ATP's 293 aircraft fly 175,000 hours annually to provide more than 4,500 FAA pilot certificates each year. ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation's regional airlines.

"ATP's flight instructors reflect the highest degree of professionalism, safety, and standardization in the industry, and empowering them with the resources they need to continue to develop as professional pilots is key to our mission," ATP Vice President Jim Koziarski said. "We are proud to support NAFI's advocacy and representation for flight instructors in the industry; their focus on high standards of skill, experience and character in flight instruction will undoubtedly help our instructors develop as professionals and leave a lasting impact on future pilots," he added.
With the new partnership, all ATP flight instructors will receive NAFI memberships, adding to the many benefits of training at the school. ATP believes offering its instructors affiliation with a professional association enhances the learning experience through exposure to the important work done on their behalf; it believes NAFI is the perfect alliance to serve that purpose.
"By becoming NAFI supporters ATP also demonstrates its commitment to all flight instructors by providing NAFI with vital resources to continue our work into the future," NAFI Board President Todd said. "Since 2017 is NAFI's 50th anniversary year, we are especially proud to include ATP as a new partner as part of our celebration," Todd said.
Todd, who is a product of ATP's training, added: "As a graduate I am thrilled that this came to fruition. We would like to welcome all ATP instructors to NAFI membership, which will add more than 250 new members to our organization."

Among ATP's many educational programs, Todd pointed to type ratings NAFI members might find of interest. One is the ATP Jet Rating here and additional type ratings here.

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