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NAFI Announces 50 Lifetime Memberships for 50th Anniversary

NAFI Announces 50 Lifetime Memberships for 50th Anniversary
February 8, 2017, Kalamazoo, MI -The celebratory NAFI 50th Anniversary Lifetime memberships announced a few weeks ago are almost gone. Only 50 (NAFI's 50th birthday, right?) were authorized, and only a few are left. But you still have the opportunity to become one of the 50 for one-time dues of $1,000.

When you become a Lifetime NAFI member, you will receive:

  • An official NAFI Lifetime membership card.A beautiful, engraved rosewood plaque.
  • A NAFI polo shirt with an embroidered Lifetime membership logo.
  • A lifetime membership lapel pin.
  • A lifetime membership window decal.Admission discounts for any NAFI-sponsored event.
  • Optional inclusion on the dedicated Lifetime membership web page.Most importantly, you will demonstrate your lifelong commitment to the future of NAFI and its ongoing mission to promote excellence and professionalism in flight instruction.

To take advantage of this opportunity online, go to http://tinyurl.com/zfz2h3u, or you can call NAFI at 866-806-6156 during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

About NAFI

Members of the National Association of Flight Instructors work as independent instructors, at flight schools, universities, FBOs, corporate flight departments and in the military. Since 1967, NAFI and its members, who teach in 30 countries, are dedicated to increasing and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily: students working to become pilots, current pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and pilots who seek to improve their skills with recurrent training. NAFI also serves as an advocate with industry and government as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI helps shape the current and future direction of flight training. For more information about NAFI or the NAFI Master Instructor program call 866-806-6156 or visit www.NAFINet.org.