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Join NAFI's May 17th Chairman Webinar: How to make the most of the flight debrief in the age of Technology
Make sure to reserve Wednesday, May 17th at 8 p.m. eastern time for the NAFI Chairman's Webinar entitled: How to make the most of flight debrief in the age of Technology

Featuring Special Guest Host:
Chuck Shavit, creator of CloudAhoy, founder and CEO  
In this webinar we do scenario based debriefs of sample flights, and get hands on experience of how the technology can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of flight training. We use the power of objective and quantitative data, and relieve important moment during the flight in which the complexity and speed of event might overwhelm the pilot while at the cockpit.  We will also see the fun aspect of using technology based debrief, attractive to the young generation of pilots, and the social aspect of digital debrief - important components of attracting new generation of pilots.

Technology is a critically important component of flying nowadays. We use technology in flight planning and in the cockpit, it is a natural extension to use technology for post-flight debrief, and benefit from its tremendous power available in our digital age.

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