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Join Our Activities at Airventure 2017


Join NAFI at Airvenure July 27 – 30, 2017 and join in celebrating NAFI’s 50th anniversary

NAFI Makes Big Changes at EAA AirVenture
New programs, new opportunities, a new location and the ever-popular annual NAFI Member Breakfast with its awards ceremonies will define NAFI's presence at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 next week. In honor of NAFI's 50th anniversary we've expanded our presence at Oshkosh to showcase the new NAFI Professional Development Program for Certificated Flight Instructors (PDP).

The program is NAFI's effort to offer a broad spectrum of high-quality curriculum developed specifically for CFIs. The PDP will be housed in NAFI's new tent, located in spaces 418 and 419, conveniently near the flight line between Honda Jet and the FAA Safety Center. 
New Programs - The NAFI Professional Development Center

NAFI will host the first of many PDP initiatives at AirVenture in the NAFI tent's Professional Development Center (PDC). The center will feature a 50-seat theater for presentations by NAFI members and a simulator classroom with four Precision Flight Controls AATDs for challenging, real-life scenario-based sim training for CFIs.

In the presentation area there will be 24 50-minute seminars spanning the week.

Sim Training for CFIs

NAFI will offer scenario based sim training for CFIs in the NAFI Professional Development Center. Visit the Sim Classroom sponsored by Precision Flight Controls in the PDC and challenge yourself against real life scenarios.

Please register in advance click here.

Sessions are every 30 minutes from 10:00am - 4:00 p.m. Monday the 24th to Saturday the 29th.

The NAFI Mentorship Café and CFI Passport

An important aspect of your membership is the opportunity to interact with other members to learn from each other, network, share common experiences or simply meet new people with similar interests. The expanded NAFI presence will include an area specifically designed for this purpose - the NAFI Mentorship Café. Equipped with tables, chairs and couches, it will make it more comfortable for members to meet with one another.
The CFI Passport program is a "trip" around the grounds to learn more about the products and services offered by NAFI supporters and partners. After you speak to company representatives, they will stamp your passport and once you have the passport completely stamped, return it to the NAFI tent for a chance to win a prize supplied by NAFI's sponsors and advertisers.

A Big Tent - NAFI's New Location on The Grounds

The NAFI booth historically found in Hangar A is moving to a new location to provide adequate space for new programs and opportunities. The 80-by-40 tent is located in spaces 418 and 419, conveniently near the flight line between Honda Jet and the FAA Safety Center.
The Annual NAFI Member Breakfast & Award Presentations

Please join us for the the annual Member Breakfast at its usual location in the Pober Pixie Tent at the Nature Center on Thursday, July 27. Food service begins at 7:30 a.m. and the program begins promplty at 8 a.m. New at this year's breakfast will be the presentation of the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame award, the NAFI Lifetime Achievement Award and the Jack J. Eggspuehler Service Award.
About NAFI
Members of the National Association of Flight Instructors work as independent instructors, at flight schools, universities, FBOs, corporate flight departments and in the military. Since 1967, NAFI and its members, who teach in 30 countries, are dedicated to increasing and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily: students working to become pilots, current pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and pilots who seek to improve their skills with recurrent training. NAFI also serves as an advocate with industry and government as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI helps shape the current and future direction of flight training. For more information about NAFI or the NAFI Master Instructor program call 866-806-6156 or visit www.NAFINet.org.