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NAFI, ASA Launch Updated Guide to Sport Pilot

NAFI HEADQUARTERS, OSHKOSH, WIS.  (July 29, 2010) – The National Association of Flight Instructors and aviation publisher Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA) have released a revised edition of the CFI’s Guide to Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft. The new version updates the earlier edition released more than five years ago to reflect changes in regulations over the ensuing years.

The content was updated by a committee of NAFI members who are active in sport pilot training and the light sport aircraft community to reflect current regulations and practices. ASA joined the effort and provided their resources to publish the guide in order to disseminate the information to the flight-instruction and pilot community.

“We received repeated questions from members about sport pilot procedures and recommendations, and we felt it was important to produce an updated document to provide that information,” says Jason Blair, NAFI’s executive director. “We appreciate the continued dedication of ASA to helping provide current and valid information to the flight-training community.”

“ASA feels it is important as a publisher to stay involved with changing regulations in cases, such as this work, to provide new material that can be used in flight-training efforts,” Mike Lorden, ASA’s president.

The CFI’s Guide to Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft is available at the EAA Learn to Fly Discover Center and ASA’s booth during AirVenture, and it will be available in digital copy in the near future on www.NAFInet.org ASA is a long standing provider of pilot supplies and aviation training materials. To learn more about ASA’s products, visit www.ASA2Fly.com

Founded in 1967, NAFI is dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standing of flight instructors throughout the nation, as well as providing safe and effective aviation training for students. For more information, visit www.NAFInet.org or call 920-426-6801.

ASA & NAFI CFI’s Guide to Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft

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