Welcome to the National Association of Flight Instructors

Welcome to the National Association of Flight Instructors

NAFI provides valuable resources to all flight educators to further its 50+ year commitment to raise and maintain the professional standing of flight instructors in the aviation community. NAFI members follow a Code of Ethics in their flight instruction practices that provides a standard of character and professionalism, setting them apart in the flight training community. Be a part and JOIN!


 NAFI News:

October 20th, 2021 at 8:00 PM Eastern: "Gate Keepers - Lessons from Experience and Research" presented by Gene Benson, CFII, CEO, Bright Spot, Inc.  For more information, click here.


Introducing the NAFI Legacy Master Instructor Program:

A way to earn continued recognition for active, expired, and former NAFI Master Instructors.

NAFI Legacy Master Instructor


NAFI Proudly supports the "Learn to Turn - the Stick and Rudder Approach to Loss of Control" program by award-winning aerobatic instructor, Rich Stowell

For more information on this outstanding loss of control body of work, click here. To download the booklet, click here.

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NEW NAFI NOTAMs Blog Entry! Experiment: Low Oil Pressure

NAFI Mentor Magazine July/August 2021

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Congratulations to our August/September NAFI Master Instructor Recipients: (Left to Right)  Gene Peterson MCFI, Steve Goetz MCFI, Wallace Moran MCFI Learn more about these and other amazing instructors here!

 Gene Peterson NAFI MCFISteve Goetz NAFI MCFIWallace Moran NAFI MCFI