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NAFI provides valuable resources to all flight educators to further its 50+ year commitment to raise and maintain the professional standing of flight instructors in the aviation community. NAFI members follow a Code of Ethics in their flight instruction practices that provides a standard of character and professionalism, setting them apart in the flight training community. Be a part and JOIN TODAY!

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 NAFI/King Schools Flight Instructor Scholarship Application Deadline is Approaching 1/3/2020! Have you applied? Must be a NAFI member to be eligible, and monies can be applied to CFI Initial Training or add on training i.e. CFII/MEI Apply NOW!





mlDecember 18th, 2019 at 8:00 PM Eastern: "Best Practices for Teaching in a Simulator" presented by Josh Harnagel CFII, MEI, Redbird Flight Simulations VP of Marketing

Improve your customers’ training outcomes with these proven best practices and guidelines. This session focuses on practical, real-world techniques that make your simulator more valuable to both your customers and your business. Click here for more information and to register.


11/20/2019 Looking for NAFI Merchandise during the upcoming holiday season? NAFI now has a BRAND NEW online store! Check it out here!






11/13/2019 5 New Courses released for the NAFI Professional Development Program (PDP). 20 Active courses now available! Click here to read our newest press release




11/7/2019 Our partners at Instructair released a brand new comprehensive update to both the application and web formats! These changes, based on the results of our recent member survey are just the beginning.

Rediscover Instructair today!

Click here to read revision notes!



10/1/2019 NAFI is proud to announce the hot air balloon Elite Balloon Instructor (EBI) program co-developed with experts in lighter than air training The Balloon Training Academy. Click here for more information on the EBI!


View the EBI announcement press release here!



NAFI Members Can Now Apply for fourth year of NAFI/King Schools Scholarship 2019 Valued at $18,000

A well deserving National Association of Flight Instructors Member CFI or aspiring CFI will be awarded The King Schools/NAFI Scholarship valued at more than $18,000 in early 2020. The scholarship consists of $5,000 cash for the attainment of an initial or advanced instructor rating and lifetime access to the entire King Schools library of over 90 courses, including FIRCs. Read more here!

October 16th, 2019 at 8:00 PM Eastern: “8 Magic Tricks That Can Kill Flight School Business” presented by Ned Parks, ATP, CFI-H/A, AGI


 (watch for FAA Wings Credit!)