Recruiting Participants for Crowd Sourcing Demo to Provide
Enhanced Visibility Information for Aviation

weather observation image

CONDUCTED BY: Researchers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Collins Aerospace

TOPIC: FAA and Collins Aerospace personnel are recruiting pilots, dispatchers, and users of FAA webcams to participate in a research activity as a Weather Information Evaluator. Participation in this demo will potentially help improve the quality, quantity, and availability of visibility information in remote regions.

NEED: Attached is a file with training materials on the crowd sourcing tasks being requested of participants. A second file is attached with some background information on this project and related prior research. Click on links below to access the materials.

OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of this demo are to determine whether participants are able to provide crowd sourcing inputs on visibility, sky cover, and other weather information with minimal impact on personal time and schedules. This information will be used to validate information for new automation and to enhance the quantity of real time adverse weather observations to enhance aviation safety.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Any parties interested in participating should email [email protected] and [email protected] to inform them of your interest. You will then receive a link from Collins Aerospace called When I Work, where you can sign up in 1-hour blocks to participate. We’d like participants to schedule four 1-hour blocks, but less time is still helpful. We’d like four hours of participation to enable a more accurate assessment on the time impact of participating. The demo period is planned to last approximately four weeks.

Crowd Source Weather Demonstration and Training

Charts for Hybrid Demonstration