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NAFI congratulates EAA for the introduction of its new initiative, Proficiency365™ offering year-round proficiency training activities available to pilots and CFIs wherever they are located. This initiative brings together many industry resources and expertise from individuals and groups around the country.  It has been NAFI’s privilege to participate in many areas of the EAA Proficiency365™ introduction and development, including NAFI board member Karen Kalishek serving on a working group in developing the algorithm design of the EAA SkillScore™ Tracker. In addition, Proficiency365™ founder and EAA's Manager of Flight Proficiency Radek Wyrzykowski gave an outstanding presentation introducing the initiative to flight instructors January 15th on NAFI's MentorLIVE broadcast. To view the MentorLIVE broadcast click here and to get more information on the program visit www.eaa.org/eaa/pilots/EAA-pilot-proficiency


mlFebruary 19th, 2020  “Insurance Claims – What Happened?” presented by Mike Adams, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, Avemco Insurance Company This presentation uncovers the back story of insurance claims/incidents/accidents that occurred at some point between taking the airplane out of the hangar up until putting it back in the hangar. Learning more about the behind the scenes details of accidents offers everyone a chance to take away something they can use to be a better, safer pilot both in their personal flying and as a flight instructor. To assist in the transfer of knowledge, this presentation includes photos that you’ll not find elsewhere or in government reports. Click here for more information and to register.


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Last Mentor Live Presentation Recorded January 15th, 2019: EAA Proficiency365 for CFIs and Their Clients: Radek Wyrzykowski

  (watch for FAA Wings Credit!)