Welcome to the National Association of Flight Instructors

Welcome to the National Association of Flight Instructors

NAFI provides valuable resources to all flight educators to further its 50+ year commitment to raise and maintain the professional standing of flight instructors in the aviation community. NAFI members follow a Code of Ethics in their flight instruction practices that provides a standard of character and professionalism, setting them apart in the flight training community. Be a part and JOIN!


 NAFI News:

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May 19th, 2021 at 8:00 PM Eastern: "Is Your Defensive Flying Offensive? Enhancing Safety Through Lessons-Learned" presented by Greg Feith, CFII, ATP, A/IGI, UAV, Co-host of Flight Safety Detectives Podcast, Member, NAFI Board of Directors. 

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NAFI Chairman of the Board Bob Meder talks with Florida Aviation Network about what it means to be a NAFI member, an amazing flight instructor, and what NAFI can do to help you BE an amazing flight instructor!

Brand New Member Benefit: Learn more about NAFI Special Interest Groups Today!


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NAFI Mentor March/April 2021 Edition Available now! (Exclusively for Members!)

NEW NAFI NOTAMs Blog Entry! Edition #19: We Are All On The Same Team~Guest Blogger Randall Williams, CFII/MEI

NAFI Mentor March April 2021

NOTAMs Blog We are on the same team

New Membership Benefit Alert: NAFI members can use an exclusive promotional code to receive a 50% discount on a premium subscription to Pilot Pipeline! Watch this short introduction video to learn more about our new NAFI Partner!. Log into your account for more information!

Congratulations to our April/May NAFI Master Instructor Recipients: (Left to Right)  Nick Schmall MCFI, Thomas Stehler MCFI Learn more about these and other amazing instructors here!

 Nick Schmall NAFI Master Instructor MCFITHOMAS STEHLER NAFI Master flight instructor

4/27/2021 NAFI Briefing Room "A Talk with New Flight Instructors": Join our panel of new flight instructors Joe Rucinski, Peter Amato, and Jakob Harris. Hosted by Program Director John Niehaus, the panel discusses what inspired them to become flight instructors, and what it is like to be a new instructor in the flight training industry.