About NAFI

NAFI logo hex colorsNAFI is about you - the professional flight instructor.

What you do as a flight instructor has both an immediate and lasting effect on aviation safety and continued growth of our industry. Instruction is so much more than teaching skills. You are responsible for setting a good example, teaching responsibility, managing risk and safety, and supporting your own continuous improvement. A good instructor also understands that learning to fly offers deep emotional satisfaction. Who can forget the excitement of first taking the flight controls?

Flight instruction is a big job. That’s why NAFI has supported this vitally important part of the aviation community since 1967. NAFI seeks to mentor, educate, and advocate for those in our profession by offering the tools and programs you need to give the very best to your clients.

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Our Four Pillars


Position NAFI as the leading advocate for the flight instructor community by forming key relationships with industry, academia, and government agencies.


Provide avenues for instructors to network with each other by sharing experience and best practices.


Provide relevant and interesting professional educational events, materials, and opportunities to improve flight instruction.


Ensure a sustainable and continuously improving operating organization through sound financial planning, sponsorship growth, and fundraising.

NAFI Vision Statement

Safer pilots through excellence in flight instruction

NAFI Mission Statement

NAFI promotes flight instructor excellence through education, mentorship, and advocacy

Code of Ethics


We, the members of the National Association of Flight Instructors, accept the responsibility to practice our profession according to the highest ethical standards.

Therefore, we pledge always to:

  • PROVIDE a safe and effective learning situation for our students;
  • Continually IMPROVE our own teaching and flying skills through education and operational experiences;
  • ADHERE to safe practice and to applicable Federal and State Aviation Regulations;
  • TREAT all fellow flight instructors with respect;
  • CONDUCT both our professional and personal lives in a manner to reflect credit on the profession and to set an example of self-discipline for all pilots;
  • ENCOURAGE our fellow flight instructors and the organizations in which they teach to uphold and support these principles, and to question and resist those practices which may undermine or defeat them.

Each member of the National Association of Flight Instructors agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics to further the objectives declared in the NAFI Constitution (Preamble and Section B) and the Bylaws (Article 2) of the Association.

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Board of Directors

The NAFI board of directors is composed of a minimum of ten volunteer members who provide governance to NAFI. NAFI members are encouraged to nominate qualified individuals or volunteer themselves for the board positions. To be considered, email your statement of interest and resume to [email protected].

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