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MentorLIVE is a monthly, live-streaming broadcast that airs the third Wednesday each month at 8:00 PM Eastern. These programs feature subject matter experts from many aspects of the flight instruction industry to help CFIs be more successful in their training endeavors. All presentations are WINGS-approved!

Upcoming broadcasts:

December 15th, 2021 at 8:00 PM Eastern: “If Performance Charts Could Speak / Real Life Case Studiespresented by Catherine Cavagnaro, CFI-I, ATP, PhD, Owner, Ace Aerobatic School.

This program is a discussion of Performance Charts;

  • How they interpret aircraft performance
  • How this information can be misunderstood
  • Real life examples and case studies
  • Adding actual aircraft performance data to EFBs

We'll also discuss common gotchas that turn up on FAA practical exams (check-rides)

 About the presenter:


Catherine Cavagnaro serves as lead rep and DPE for the Nashville FSDO. She is an ATP-SEL, COM-MEL, COM-SES and glider. She holds CFI, SEL/MEL and Instrument ratings. Dr. Cavagnaro is Professor of Mathematics and was Chair of the Mathematics Department at the University of the South. She developed courses in aerodynamics, differential equations, and mathematical modeling using aviation examples.

Catherine owns the Ace Aerobatic School in Sewanee, TN, where she is a widely known expert on spin training, recovery, and avoidance. During 2004-2008, Professor Cavagnaro served as a test pilot, spin demonstration pilot, researcher, and visiting professor of aviation systems at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. Catherine is the first woman to achieve both the 2018 National FAASTeam Rep of the year and the 2020 National CFI of the year.

About the host:

jnJohn Niehaus, ATP MEL/Commercial SEL, CL-65/LR-45 PIC Typed, CFI-CFII ASEL, has been flying for 16 years. For 11 of those 16 years, his primary role provided flight instruction for both Part 61 and 141 schools as a Chief Flight Instructor and Check Instructor respectively. John has over 4,200 hours total time and over 1,000 dual given primarily in Cirrus aircraft.

Currently, John flies for a Part 135 private charter company as a training captain in Lear 40/45 and 70/75 models. In addition, John serves as Director of Program Development at NAFI. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight Science and Aviation Administration from Western Michigan University. During his time at WMU, he took part in academic research under a 1.2 million dollar grant primarily to research ways to transfer teamwork and CRM techniques into the medical field. John co-wrote and presented two white papers under a FRASCAF grant for aviation security and wrote several more grant applications under PEGASAS.

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Recently Archived broadcasts: (For FULL Archive, click here)

September, 2021: "Sim Scenarios for Safer Skys" presented by Paul Duty Chief Instructor and Aviation Product Manager at Gleim
Aviation and CFI/I Ryan Jeff

September 2021 NAFI MentorLIVE

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August, 2021: "Integrating Home Study Course in Your Flight Instructor Business" presented by Eric Radtke, Sporty's Academy President and Chief Flight Instructor.

Aug 2021 Screen Grab


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July, 2021:
"56-Seconds to Live. Unintended Flight into IMC Safety Initiative" presented by Chris Hill, Director of Safety, Helicopter Association International (HAI), Bruce Webb, Director of Aviation Education, Airbus Helicopters, Scott Boughton, Owner, Palisade Aviation, LLC. Vice Chair, HAI Training Working Group and Nick Mayhew, Industry Co-Chair, US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). This month's broadcast is generously sponsored by Gleim Aviation.


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June, 2021: "New CFIs - Teaching on Purpose Aaron Dabney, MSEd, MCFI, CFII, owner Waco Flight Training


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