Renewing Your CFI with NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation

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The FAA has recognized the NAFI Master Instructor accreditation as an appropriate and applicable level of experience to renew flight-instructor certificates under FAR 61.197 (a) (2) (ii).

The standard accreditation package includes a certificate that can be presented to a local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) airworthiness inspector for flight instructor certificate renewal.

Only NAFI Master Instructors holding a U.S. FAA-issued flight instructor certificate may renew their certificates through accreditation. NAFI Master Ground Instructors, NAFI Associate Master Instructors, and pilots holding foreign flight-instructor certificates are not eligible for instructor-certificate renewal.

Applicants wishing to renew flight instructor certificates using the designation should submit complete and properly documented portfolios at least 45 days in advance of their certificate expiration date.

To use your NAFI Master Instructor accreditation for CFI certificate renewal:

(a) Complete an IACRA 8710-1 form for your CFI renewal; and
(b) Provide a completed 8710-1 form, along with your NAFI Master Instructor accreditation certificate, your valid (unexpired) FAA flight-instructor certificate, and a government-issued photo ID, to an appropriate FAA official for processing as a CFI renewal.

NAFI recommends taking a copy of NAFI’s letter of authorization that we provide with accreditation to help verify the applicability of this program for use as a CFI renewal.

If you have any difficulties renewing your CFI based on your NAFI Master Instructor accreditation, contact our office at 866-806-6156 and we will assist as best we can.

To view the FAA Authorization letter