NAFI Master Flight and Ground Instructor Accreditation Program

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NAFI grants three types of accreditation: The NAFI Master Flight Instructor accreditation, the NAFI Master Ground Instructor accreditation, and the NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor accreditation.
The NAFI Master Flight Instructor program confers a national accreditation to aviation educators based on a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. It identifies the practitioners of aviation education who have reached the highest level of instructional activity, educational experience, and professional service to the flight-training community—the true masters of aviation instruction—and it publicly recognizes these “teachers of flight” to provide a professional standard to which all aviation educators can aspire.

All three types of the accreditation process focus primarily on the individual’s instructional and pilot evaluation activities, as well as his or her experience and continuing education—the foundations of what an instructor is able to pass along to his or her students. They emphasize active instruction and pilot evaluation, not simply taking courses or the tenure of an individual’s instructor certificate. They are not honorary awards that recognize long-time service; rather, they are recognition for the individual who continues to practice aviation education at the highest level.

Accreditation requires a rigorous process of on-going professional activity. Like a flight instructor certificate, NAFI Master Instructor accreditation's must be renewed every 24 months to assure a dedication to continuous professional development.

NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation:

NAFI Master Flight Instructor Accreditation Application Form (November 2020 Update) (pdf)

NAFI Associate Master Instructor Accreditation:

NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor Accreditation Application Form  (November 2020 Update) (pdf)

NAFI Master Ground Instructor Accreditation:

NAFI Master Ground Instructor Accreditation Application  (November 2020 Update) (pdf)

Wings Credit:

NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation is eligible for FAA Wings Credit.

Visit 3638 to request FAA Wings Program Credit once your NAFI Master Instructor Accreditation has been completed.

NAFI Legacy Master Instructor

NAFI Legacy Master is a flight instructor with proven dedication to the industry by earning five or more MCFI/MGI designations over time. Simply put, if an instructor achieves a minimum of five or more NAFI Master Instructor accreditations, they earn the right to claim Legacy Master status. This designation applies to that individual even if they choose not to renew their Master. Learn More

Flight School Recognition:

Flight training organizations with multiple NAFI Master CFIs of any kind are able to purchase recognition plaques to honor past and present history of participation within the program. For more information regarding the plaque and for ordering questions please contact NAFI staff [email protected] or 866-806-6156

NAFI Master Instructor Flight School Plaque