NAFI Associate Master Instructor Forms


The following list are forms that are regularly used in the documentation of the NAFI Associate Master Instructor accreditation application.  They have been broken into individual documents for download and use without having to download the full packet to use each single form.

Download the Full Associate Master Instructor form.NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor Accreditation Application Form (November 2020 Revision) (pdf)


(You may download individual forms for filling out from the table below)

NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor Accreditation Program Forms

Form Name

Type-able/Save-able PDF Format

Type-able Word Format

NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor Application

NAFI Form MI-A-1 (Rev 11/2020) NAFI Form MI-A-1 (Rev 11/2020)

Portfolio of Professional Development

NAFI Form MI-A-2 NAFI Form MI-A-2

Activity Completion Form

NAFI Form MI-A-3 NAFI Form MI-A-3


NAFI Form MI-A-4 NAFI Form MI-A-4

Portfolio Submission Checklist

NAFI Form MI-A-5 NAFI Form MI-A-5

Practical Test Endorsements Given

NAFI Form MI-A-7a NAFI Form MI-A-7a

Insurance Checkout Given

NAFI Form MI-A-7b NAFI Form MI-A-7b

Flight Review/IPC

NAFI Form MI-A-7c NAFI Form MI-A-7c

Rental, Hi-Performance, Tailwheel ETC, Checkouts Conducted

NAFI Form MI-A-7d NAFI Form MI-A-7d

Specialized Aircraft Transitions Conducted

NAFI Form MI-A-7e NAFI Form MI-A-7e

Sport Pilot Proficiency Checks Conducted

NAFI Form MI-A-7f NAFI Form MI-A-7f

LSA Endorsement or Recommendation

NAFI Form MI-A-7g NAFI Form MI-A-7g

Designated Pilot Examiner Flight Checks

NAFI Form MI-A-7h NAFI Form MI-A-7h

Progress/State Checks Given

NAFI Form MI-A-7i NAFI Form MI-A-7i