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MentorLIVE is a monthly, live-streaming broadcast that airs the third Wednesday each month at 8:00 PM Eastern. These programs feature subject matter experts from many aspects of the flight instruction industry to help CFIs be more successful in their training endeavors. All presentations are WINGS-approved!

Upcoming broadcasts:

May 18th, 2022 at 8:00 PM Eastern: “Tragic Air Ambulance Crash at Gillespie Field: What Went Wrong?” presented by John and Martha King, co-founders of King Schools

The tragic crash of an air ambulance Lear 35 with the death of two pilots and two nurses provides a sad opportunity to use the PAVE risk management tool to analyze this catastrophic scenario for beneficial insight.  John and Martha will demonstrate how instructors can teach their students to apply risk management to their own flying.


About the presenters:

Pilots throughout the world know John and Martha King from their fun video presentations in their courses and regard them as their personal aviation mentors. The Kings’ use of technology and clear, simple, and fun teaching have made aviation knowledge more accessible to hundreds of thousands of pilots and maintenance technicians.  After an aircraft accident and discovering their own sense of vulnerability, John and Martha say they have become “born again pilots”. The Kings use humor and stories from real-world cross-country experiences to vividly illustrate principles of risk management and pass along practical and insightful tools you will use and teach forever.


About the host:

Paul J. Preidecker has provided flight instruction for over 30 years. He recently retired from Air Wisconsin Airlines as Chief Flight Instructor and captain. In those roles, he was an Aircrew Program Designee, and Line Check Airman, and was qualified as a simulator and ground school instructor.

Paul was a member of an FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee, spoke at the NTSB Symposium on Professionalism, and he moderates the regional airline program at the World Aviation Training Summit. Paul co-hosts FAA Safety Briefing Live and served as presenter and host on several NAFI MentorLIVE broadcasts.

President of NAFI, Paul is also the owner and president of FlightDeck Insights, where he develops and promotes best practices and SOPs for the general aviation pilot.


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April, 2022: "Beyond the Basics: Aviation Weather from a Meteorologist’s Perspective" presented by Dr. Trey Cade, Meteorologist, Director, Baylor Institute for Air Science, Director of Aviation Sciences degree program, and, USAF Lt. Colonel, ret.

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March, 2022: “FAA Hot Spots About to Sizzle!” presented by Christine Madden and Ray German

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February, 2022: “Pilot Training from a Mechanic” presented by Paul New, A&P, IA, PVT, IFR, S/MEL,
2007 National A&P of the Year

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