What is a NAFI Special Interest Group (SIG)?:  A member's only conversational group with a common topic of interest and desire to share knowledge in a casual setting.

Examples of SIGs are instruction in specific equipment like tailwheel, rotorcraft, twin-engine, high performance aircraft, seaplanes, and other topical areas suggested by members.

Think of it as a “digital chapter”

SIGs are a fun and educational way to engage with fellow members in specific areas of interest! They give you the opportunity to connect with fellow instructors, make new friends, and discuss the specific parts of flight instruction that you find most interesting and entertaining.


Requirements to participate:
  1. NAFI Membership (Join Here)

  2. Enthusiasm & interest toward the SIG subject matter

  3. Each SIG meeting will focus on key topics and will also include time for burning questions and issues.

Have an idea for a NAFI SIG? Want to host one?

We are actively looking for ideas and volunteers to expand the SIG program! Please contact NAFI Program Director John Niehaus with your ideas and/or interest in volunteering via email [email protected]

Hosting require access to video conference software allowing for 10+ users at the same time.

Communicate with NAFI SIGs and Ask Questions:
Additional functionality for the NAFI website has been added to facilitate questions and conversation for each SIG group. SIG forums will be moderated by NAFI and each SIG host to allow for continued conversation between meetings, as well as questions regarding the group, meeting schedules, and reminders. Members will find access to the SIG Forum via "Quick Links" on the right side of the website after logging in.


Announcing the first NAFI Special Interest Group:

  • Rotorcraft Instructors SIG: For those interested in all things helicopter and rotorcraft instruction, join us for a community discussion to share ideas on topics ranging from transition students to autorotations, or anything the group suggests. Share stories, learn trade secrets, and build camaraderie with fellow “rotor-heads”.

  • Hosting Member: Ned Parks NAFI# 219224

  • The rotorcraft SIG will meet on the first Thursday of the month from 1900 to 2000 (7-8 PM Eastern Time), beginning June 3, 2021

The topics will be:

  • June 3: Transition Students
  • July 1: Teaching cockpit organization
  • August 5: Off-airport landings
  • September 2: Oshkosh Learnings
  • October 3: Autorotation

How to Participate: Click here to join a SIG (you must login to your member account for access)


Interested in participating but not a member? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NAFI!