Creating an Advantage, Help Your Students PLAN their Success (and yours in the process!)


Creating an Advantage, Help Your Students PLAN their Success (and yours in the process!)~Guest Blogger Bryan O'Neill

Getting into and achieving success in aviation can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially if you have no friends or family in the industry. There are a variety of paths you can take to reach your dream job, and each option will vary drastically in time and cost.

Flying an aircraft of any kind is no joke and as you are aware, requires extensive training that is highly regulated. Just remember your first steps as a student; you had to obtain the appropriate medical certificate(s), find a flight school that met your needs, plan out the necessary training required, figure out how to finance your training, and pass multiple written and practical exams. How much time was wasted in just trying to figure out the HOW for each of those things?

In the past, the best route has been to talk to someone who has accomplished a similar goal, but what if you don’t know anyone who has? Then you probably have to start researching and reading on the internet, spending hours browsing through blog posts, articles, and websites, you might have an idea of what you need to do.

You might begin the process, but after achieving your first milestone, you have to go back and check what is next in the process. Soon enough, you are back on the internet scouring through a variety of resources with unknown reliability. This can be inefficient, especially when you are eager to get on your way to your dream job.

Pilot Pipeline is an aviation software company with a vision of lowering the barrier to entry to aviation and a brand new NAFI partner. We want you to focus on flying while we take care of the career planning aspect. Pilot Pipeline currently offers a variety of features that are extremely beneficial to pilots at any stage of their career while offering instructors the ability to help plan out steps and goal for a unique way to onboard new students.

  1. Career Pathways: Upon signing up for Pilot Pipeline, you or your student will answer a few questions to gauge your experience level and end-goal. The software will use these answers to create multiple custom pathways that will guide you through the process of reaching your dream job. Explore different pathways (Airplane Civilian Pathway, Helicopter Civilian Pathway, Military Active Duty, Military Guard/Reserve) and find which one is best for you. After selecting the path, go see the step-by-step career plan.

  2. Career Planner: The Career Planner is a step-by-step plan that will guide you from Point A to Point B. Within each pathway, modules will outline every milestone along the way. Within these modules, you will find comprehensive information that dives deeper into each step of the process.

  3. Timeline Assistant: The Timeline Assistant allows you to track your progress and set completion dates for your specific milestones. For example, if you add Private Pilot License to your Timeline Assistant with the completion date of June 2021, you will see all of the sub-steps you have to take before obtaining your PPL. Each sub-step will have a recommended date of completion, allowing you to plan for each step along the way.

  4. Earnings Forecaster: Our Earnings Forecaster will tell you the time remaining to reach your dream job, the estimated cost of your training, and the estimated earnings over your career. As you progress through your plan and mark items as complete, this tool will automatically update with new information.

  5. Scholarship Finder: Flight training can be extremely expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of aviation scholarships available to you. However, these scholarships can be hard to find. Our Scholarship Finder contains over $25 million worth of aviation scholarships. Filter the Scholarship Finder based on demographics, certificates and ratings you are pursuing, location, and more to find the scholarships that best fit your needs.

Pilot Pipeline also provides a variety of different resources to our users. These resources are trusted partners who can help you while on your way to achieving your aviation goals. We also offer Consulting services that range from General Career Guidance to Resume and Interview Preparation. Our Head Consultant has years of experience as a pilot and was the former Head of HR for a regional airline.

Pilot Pipeline is a great resource for pilots of all different experience levels and NAFI Members Receive a Discount! (login to your members' only page for more info). We are extremely proud to offer a tool that helps pilots efficiently and easily plan and manage their careers.


Bryan O'Neill
Pilot Pipeline




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