You can H.A.C it!


You can H.A.C it! ~Guest Blogger Tom Dorl, NAFI Board Member

I always enjoy the month of January, as it provides an opportunity to reflect and learn from the past and begin with a fresh start. This month also provides flight instructors with an opportunity to perform a self-evaluation and to look for ways to improve their skills and abilities. During my USAF career flying the HH-60G, I had the opportunity to attend and graduate from the Weapons Instructor Course (WIC). This nearly 6-month program expands instructor skill sets that come from many different USAF aircraft and mission support backgrounds. As part of their culture, they infuse a few core concepts into their graduates: learning about their aircraft, learning about themselves and making those around them better. They also instill three unique character traits within the graduates: to be humble, approachable and credible. These traits can help every flight instructor to have a fun and prosperous 2022. Here are a few actions to consider as we get ready to take off into 2022.

Humble – As instructors, we should be modest and teach with respectful approach to our students. Try not to take yourself too seriously but approach your craft of flight instruction with dedicated professionalism. Stay grounded with yourself and your abilities, and your students will learn to soar. They will likely teach you something along the way. When you mess up, admit it, own it, and learn and teach from it. Don’t write checks that your skills and abilities cannot cash. This makes teaching fun and remember that ALL flight instructors were students at one time. Try to have fun with yourself and your students—this is why people stay in aviation.

Approachable – Strive to be the instructor that others seek out for training, the “go-to” instructor. Be a sociable, outgoing CFI – confident, not arrogant – and someone who others call for advice and answers to tough questions. A simple smile and words of positive encouragement to your students can go a long way for their journey in aviation. We all remember our instructors, so be the kind one that your students remember. Finally, always look for opportunities to teach.

Credible – Know your aircraft, the maneuvers you are teaching and find new techniques in teaching. Strive to be the leading expert in your craft, know the “why” behind the rules and the “how” behind the systems and maneuvers. As an instructor, strive to remain a student of aviation. Attend webinars, look at NAFI content and participate in a NAFI Special Interest Group (SIG). Continue to seek out experts to grow your own skills, seek a new endorsement or rating and share that experience with your students.

These three traits will help provide a fantastic framework for your 2022. As a flight instructor, you have a wonderful opportunity to introduce aviation to many people, have fun with it and encourage others to spread their wings.

Tom Dorl, CFII/MEI/ATP/Rotor
NAFI Board Member
NAFI #216020





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Joseph W Daniel - Saturday, February 12, 2022

I see your point! I printed the HAC portion out and it's on the Inspirational Cubical Wall. Thanks for sharing.

Ned Parks - Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Well said Tom.

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