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Albert Obi NAFI MCFIAlbert Obi, MCFI 07/2021-07/2023:

Obi is a flight standards and check pilot for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He began his flying career with the Nigerian Air Force as a young pilot at 19 where he graduated at the top of his class. He was further trained by the United States Air Force as a fighter pilot before continuing his career as an air force pilot in Nigeria.

While Obi says he loves to fly at heart, he is also well educated in other disciplines. He holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, a post graduate degree in aerospace engineering, and a master’s degree in unmanned autonomous systems engineering. Obi also holds a Master of Business Administration from the American Military University. Additionally, he holds several awards including the FAA Gold Seal, air force gold medal, as well as the top international graduating student in academics from the USAF UPT program in Columbus AFB, MS.

Born and bred in Nigeria, Obi is married to Amaka, and they are blessed with a daughter Alexis. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and intellectual political discourses. Obi is a contributor to the world vision program and is a command pilot for Angel Flight Southeast.

He said he dedicated his Master CFI designation to his mum - Professor Patricia Obi,  who taught him the value of family, determination and self-reliance.

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Dick Rochfort NAFI MCFIRichard "Dick" Rochfort, MCFI 2/2005-2/2023:

This is Rochfort’s ninth consecutive NAFI Master Instructor accreditation.

Rochfort provides training, pre-purchase consulting, aircraft relocation and expert witness services to owners, pilots and instructors of the Piper PA46 aircraft. He holds ATP, Commercial and Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificates with SEL, SES, MEL, CFII, MEI, and CE-525S ratings and has been a full-time flight instructor since 1992.
Rochfort has researched, written and published hundreds of articles and demonstration videos specific to the operation of the Piper PA46 aircraft. This body of work is available online at The PA46 Pilot Reference Library. It is the only collection of its kind anywhere in the world. These videos have been viewed over 2.5 million times and his YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. He serves the PA46 community worldwide. His training programs are PA46 type-specific, insurance industry approved, FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) approved, FAA Wings approved, and they are fully insured.

Rochfort is Director Emeritus of the Malibu Mirage Owners and Pilots Association (M/MOPA), and Instructor Emeritus of the M/MOPA Safety and Training Foundation. He is a member of EAA and NBAA. He is the Official Meridian Instructor for Red Bull air racer Kirby Chambliss and Team Chambliss.

Rochfort worked from 1976 until 1991 as an industrial engineer training manufacturing personnel for the production of communication and navigation equipment for the U.S. military. Before that he served as a “Green Beret” Staff Sergeant E6, B Company, 2nd Battalion, U.S. Army Special Forces Airborne as an “A team” radio operator, training indigenous personnel in field radio communications and other critical skills.

His education includes undergraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology and Engineering, and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Rochfort lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and has two daughters. He is a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified Open Water Scuba Instructor; a DAN (Divers Alert Network) certified First Aid Instructor and an Eagle Scout.

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Stephen SancewichStephen Sancewich, MGI 03/2020-03/2022:

Stephen Sancewich began flying, while a finance professional, in 1999. He has years of operational and instructional experience in aircraft, ranging from the Piper Cub to the King Air 350i. Prior to instructing at the CFI Academy at ATP Flight School, he was the aviation instructor at a four-year aviation college where he developed and taught courses in aerodynamics, aviation meteorology, turbine operations, and crew-based instrument flying. When Sancewich is not flying, you’ll find him logging miles on a road or mountain bike, while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Aeronautics.


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Nick Schmall NAFI Master Instructor MCFINick Schmall, MCFI 3/2021-3/2023

While serving as a police officer in Memphis, Schmall began taking flight lessons for fun. The fun eventually morphed into a career change. After earning his commercial single and multi-engine land certificates, Schmall earned his CFI. He went on to earn his CFII, MEI, and AGI certificates. Schmall left the police department in February of 2019 and began working full time for a local flight school in Memphis.

As a full-time flight instructor Schmall has helped over 40 people earn certificates up to and including ATP. Schmall is a FAASTeam representative for the Memphis FSDO where he teaches safety related classes and aviation seminars. He also earned his Gold Seal Instructor from the FAA.

Schmall is active in the warbird community. He is a member of a Memphis based Fairchild PT-19 club where he flies the WWII basic trainer. He is also an active member of the Commemorative Air Force. Schmall flies a North American AT-6 and holds a formation wing card with the North American Training Association. He says he really enjoys taking people for rides in warbirds and flying formation with friends.

Schmall earned a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is currently working on a Master of Science in Aeronautics and expects to graduate in December of 2021. He holds an ATP multi-engine certificate and flies a Citation Excel for a Part 135 charter company. While flying jets is a new adventure, he says he still enjoys instructing and does so part time when he is home.

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Jay Seward NAFI Master CFIJay Seward, MCFI 2/2005-2/2023:

Jay Seward is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot with 3600 hours in the T-37, B-52, T-38 and FB-111A. In the latter two, he served as an instructor pilot. In 1983 he earned his CFI through the Andrews AFB Aero Club. In 1992, he left the Strategic Air Command for duty as Chief of Safety and then Operational Support Squadron Commander in the newly reorganized Air Education and Training Command Flying Training Wing structure. In these roles he became immersed in airfield operations, TRACON and Tower operations, and academic instruction.

After a 15-year non-flying diversion into other Air Force command and staff jobs he rekindled his love of “slipping the surly bonds” while running an Air Force ROTC unit. Upon 30-year retirement from active duty, he taught high school classes for nine years as an Air Force JROTC instructor in Irmo, SC. In both these ROTC jobs he flew pro bono flights with his students and taught private pilot ground school. In 2008 he added CFII to his ticket and began flight instructing on a more routine basis, becoming essentially a full-time independent contract instructor in 2018. He has ratings in gliders and seaplanes in addition to his multiengine experience. His GA instruction is in C-172’s, PA-28s, PA-38s, M-20s, and AA5s, several of which he has owned. Before COVID he was flying with private pilot and advanced students and doing CFI/CFII training.

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Thomas Stehler NAFI MCFIThomas Stehler, MCFI 4/2021-4/2023

A native of the St. Paul area, Stehler attended Purdue University, where he acted as a corporate pilot and check instructor after graduation.  He also founded Purdue’s winning team for the newly formed collegiate class of the EAA’s AirVenture Cup Race in 2019.  Stehler is now a First Officer on the Boeing 737 at Sun Country Airlines, as well as the Chief Flight Instructor at Lake Elmo Aero in Lake Elmo, MN.  He has experience in a multitude of different single and multi-engine aircraft, with over 1000 hours of flight instruction given.




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Sean Stephenson Associate NAFI MCFISean Stephenson, Associate MCFI 11/2020-11/2022:

Stephenson began his aviation career as a military flight student in the United States Marine Corps. Over the past 18 years he has flown aboard Navy vessels, served in combat, and instructed in multiple military and civilian aircraft. He has accumulated almost 1,800 flight hours in the T-34C Mentor, T-45C Goshawk, AV-8B Harrier, and numerous general aviation aircraft. He currently holds ATP, CFII, and MEI certificates with high-performance and tailwheel endorsements. In addition to his current active military duties, Stephenson works as flight instructor at Tradewind Flight Services in New Bern, North Carolina.

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Jedediah Stone Associate NAFI MCFIJedediah Stone, Associate MCFI 3/2021-3/2023:

Stone was raised in North Pole, Alaska. It was there, working as a wildland firefighter where he says he discovered the joys and possibilities of aviation, specifically involved with flying helicopters. He then spent the next several years working in the summers to save up so he could fly in the winters and inch closer to his goals.

In the summer of 2018 Stone received his CFII rating and started his career as a flight instructor north of New Mexico and slightly south of Wyoming. He has thus far spent a year and a half teaching the newest crop of helicopter pilots the finer points of aviation, safety, and professionalism.

Stone says he enjoys helping the next generation learn to be safe, knowledgeable, and competent pilots because we all know we will someday somewhere share the airspace with them. He hopes that everyone achieves their dreams of flying because all of us understand just how amazing it really is. He adds that he is committed to continuing his learning and growth as a pilot, instructor, mentor, and person so that he may help as many of them as possible.

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Thomas Summers NAFI MCFIThomas Summers, MCFI 3/2021-3/2023:

In the spring of 2015, while working as a grocery store manager, Summers’ wife bought him an introductory flight in Maryland, setting him on the path of aviation. He and his family moved to the Louisville area, where he began flight school in October of 2017. As a student, he learned to fly at ATP, where he earned his private and commercial ASEL and AMEL with an instrument rating. He also earned his CFI, CFI-I, and MEI.

After finishing the program, he continued with ATP as an instructor, where he earned a Gold Seal on his flight instructor certificate and was promoted to Standardization Instructor for his training center, flying the Piper Archer and Seminole. There, he had the opportunity to work with a number of talented pilots training them from student pilots through MEI. While instructing, Summers also obtained his AGI and IGI.

Summers then accepted a job with ATP as a CFI Academy Ground School Instructor, training initial CFI initial applicants to become instructors. He says tyhe fun part of that job is working with students not just from his local region, but with pilots from across the country who bring different experiences and perspectives to the classroom.

Summers is now in training for a Part 121 first officer position, and says he is loving the classroom experience again, but is excited to be able to get back to instructing when the time is right.

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Naoya ‘Tama’ Tamanaha NAFI MCFINaoya ‘Tama’ Tamanaha , MCFI 07/2021-07/2023:

This is Tamanaha’s second NAFI Master Accreditation.

In 1991, Tama left Japan to become a pilot in the United States. Overwhelmed by the generosity of the U.S. skies and the scale of the aviation communities, he earned his CFI and CFII, and returned to Japan fascinated by American aviation culture. Although he earned his commercial pilot license in Japan, there were no jobs in Japan in that era, but a connection with a flight training center of a U.S. military base in Japan led him to start his pilot career. He says it is no exaggeration to say that he has been supported by the generosity of the United States since returning to Japan. He has trained over 700 pilots as an instructor and has issued over 200 FAA pilot certificates or ratings as a DPE at the U.S. military base in Japan. He added his glider and single engine seaplane ratings in Hawaii.

In 2009, He founded a flight school specializing in flight simulator training to introduce American-style training to the Japanese aviation industry.  He continues to expand the base of his activities to connect Asia and the United States from the perspective of pilot training.

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Earnest Templeton NAFI MCFIEarnest Templeton, MCFI 10/2020-10/2022:

This is Templeton’s second consecutive NAFI Master Flight Instructor award. Templeton’s love for aviation started as a young dreamer watching U.S. Navy P-2V Neptune submarine hunters in Adak, Alaska. He began U.S. Navy flight training at VT-1 Pensacola, Florida in August 1973. Templeton flew the T-34B (Beechcraft Mentor), T-28C (North American Trojan) and the TS-2A (Grumman Tracker), a multiengine submarine hunter. He is now a retired U.S. Naval Reserve Captain.

For the past eight years Templeton has enjoyed working as a flight instructor at the Travis AFB Aero Club in Fairfield, California, where he provides assistance and instruction to many young enlisted USAF air crew personnel who desire to obtain a private certificate or more to enhance their ability to compete for selection to active duty USAF officer pilot training programs.

Templeton’s eldest son served in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Boatswain Mate onboard several aircraft carriers launching aircraft and his number two son recently left active duty after serving as a H-60 Sea Hawk helicopter pilot.

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