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Debunking Aviation Fads, Fallacies, & Myths

With 28,000 hours in 363 types of aircraft, Barry Schiff has earned every FAA category, class, and flight instructor rating. He retired from TWA in 1998 after 34 years flying everything from the “Connie” to the Boeing 747. He has been a check captain and a designated pilot examiner. Schiff holds five world speed records including one captured from the Soviet Union.

He became an aviation writer at age 21 when he founded a publishing firm that was purchased by Jeppesen in 1963. He has since written 13 books and 1,900 magazine articles.

In 1991 Schiff developed the concept of providing general aviation pilots with safe VFR routes through high-density airspace. A legislative bill mandated the adoption of this concept by the FAA.

In 1995 and with the approval of Jordanian King Hussein and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Schiff contributed to the Middle East peace process by leading 35 airplanes from Jerusalem to Jordan and became the first pilot allowed to fly between those countries.

His awards include a Congressional Commendation, the Louis Blériot Air Medal, an honorary doctorate from Embry-Riddle, and Switzerland’s Gold Proficiency Medal. He has been inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame and the Living Legends of Aviation.

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Sweat Showers Not Thunderstorms

Founder of EZWxBrief, Dr. Scott Dennstaedt is a nationally-known expert in aviation weather. He has worked as a meteorologist for the last 40 years has a doctorate in Infrastructures and Environmental Systems from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).

With a background as a meteorologist, commercial pilot, and experienced CFI with 4,000 logged hours over the last 25 years, he offers a unique approach to teaching general aviation pilots how to minimize their exposure to adverse weather. He is a widely published aviation author that includes his new book, The Skew-T log (p) and Me: A Primer for Pilots and is a contributing editor for FLYING magazine. In his spare time Scott volunteers as EAA's subject matter expert on weather.

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Flight Training With Electronic Flight Bags

Ryan Bohlander is an Account Executive focusing on ForeFlight’s Education programs providing support to universities, colleges, and flight schools around the world.

Growing up with aviators in the family, Ryan dreamt of becoming a test pilot like his childhood idol Chuck Yeager from ‘The Right Stuff’. While the Bell X-1 wasn't in the cards, Ryan achieved his dream of becoming a CFI and has a deep passion for sharing his love of aviation with his students.

In his free time, Ryan loves to provide flight instruction as a CFI over the warm desert south of Chandler, AZ.

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Caution: Helicopter Wake Turbulence

Ned Parks’ aviation roots date back to his cousin, Oliver Parks, who started the first certified aviation school in the US in 1927. Ned flew UH-1 helicopters in the Army and has run several full service FBO’s.

He holds ATP/CFII/AGI/IGI/CSIP and is rated in both fixed and rotor wing. Ned is a FAASTeam member with 4,800+ flight hours. He owns Aegis 360 Consulting, a global provider of staff development services, business consulting, and strategy.

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Eliminating a Mindset of Apathy

Jason Archer is a seasoned educator with a deep passion for aviation. He serves as Chief Flight Instructor for Berkshire Aviation in Great Barrington, MA. There, he prides himself on mentoring a cadre of instructors and sharing distinctive, effective instructional techniques. Jason is particularly passionate about teaching in tailwheels. Jason holds a CFI-I, CFI-G, MEI, AGI, and IGI.

Shortly after completing his bachelor’s degree in astronomy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst he became a member of the senior management team at the Children’s Museum in West Hartford, CT. Later in his career, Jason became the Director of Floor Programs at the New England Air Museum. Today, Jason serves as the Coordinator of Planetarium Operations at the Glastonbury/East Hartford Magnet School.

He also works as a freelance aviation writer, providing inspirational and technical content for Redbird Aviation Simulations' online landing page.

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