Welcome to the NAFI Professional Development Center LIVE recorded WINGS-approved presentations

Are you sad you were unable to make it to EAA AirVenture 2022? Or did you attend but were so busy running around that you missed some of the Professional Development Center (PDC) presentations? Never fear — many of NAFI’s PDC presentations were recorded for your future watching pleasure below. View our PDC Archive from previous years here.

Since 2017 the NAFI Professional Development Program is now the cornerstone of training and coursework available to exclusively to members at no additional cost. To access the PDP courses click here and to Join in order to access the courses, click here.


Using Scenarios to Teach Aviation Weather w/Dr Ian Johnson & Danny Simms
Best Practices for Teaching in a Sim w/Josh Harnagel VP of Marketing Redbird Flight Simulations
If Performance Charts Could Speak w/Catherine Cavagnaro
More to Drones Than the Knowledge Test w/Robert Meder, NAFI Chair Emeritus
Check Ride Prep: Get Your Students Ready w/Larry Bothe  
Modernizing the Teaching of Aviation Weather w/Dr. Terry Langford & Gary Pokodner

Caution!! Helicopter Wake Turbulence

w/Ned Parks

Case Files: A Study of Aircraft Accidents

w/NAFI Board Member Brian Schiff

So You Want to Start a Flight School?

w/Tim Poole

Details Matter! Aviation Safety Tips

w/Phillip Mandel

10 Things Every CFI Should Know

w/Andrew Dow MCFI, and Brian Schiff

Into the Alligator's Mouth

w/Jolie Lucas

Higher & Faster: High Performance & Complex Aircraft

w/Phillip Mandel

Top 5 IFR Mistakes Pilots & Instructors Make

w/Gary "GPS" Reeves

Hello! My name is Airspeed!

w/Capt. Mike Jesch

Base To Final: There Is More To The Story

w/Ed Wischmeyer

Top Things Every Pilot Should Know

w/Jason Miller

How to Land in a Tree - In Flight Emergencies

w/Jason Archer

A Debriefing on Debriefing: Get the most out of flight lessons

w/Susan Parson and Paul Preidecker